Tutorial Autoframe

1.1 Introduction

Autoframe is a powerful iOS app that brings the functionality of Autopilot's Focus Mode to the DJI Osmo. Pattern, POI, and Airspace subject types are supported, which makes Autoframe ideal for several unique use cases.

Because the Osmo does not have a built-in compass or GPS, Autoframe relies on the compass and GPS of the connected iOS Device. This means that using POI and Airspace subject types is limited to iOS Devices with GPS (wifi-only iPads do not have GPS), and that the iOS Device must be mounted to the Osmo for these subject types. Mounting gaurantees that the iOS Device is both located at the same GPS coordinate as the Osmo, and that the iOS Device is pointed in the same direction as the Osmo handle. If you attempt to use POI and Airspace subject types outside these conditions, Autoframe cannot calculate the appropriate camera angle and therefore cannot function properly.

1.2 Use Cases

There are several unique use cases for Autoframe, including but not limited to:

  • Focusing on the location of a pattern that you define by pinching the camera screen on your iOS Device.
  • Focusing on the location of a fixed POI as you are moving with the Osmo
  • Focusing on the location of an Airspace-connected iPhone where the iPhone is attached to a moving subject, such as an¬†athlete
  • Focusing on the location of multiple Airspace-connected iPhones where the iPhones are attached to multiple¬†moving subjects
  • Focusing on the location of an Airspace-connected aircraft

1.3 Subject Types

Autoframe supports three subject types: Pattern, POI, and Airspace. Once a subject is selected, Autoframe will immediately and continuously pitch and yaw the gimbal to the appropriate angle.

  • Pattern - Video Pinch the camera screen on your iOS Device with two fingers to define a pattern. To remove the Pattern, swipe up. Smaller patterns are more difficult to track and require more processing power. For optimal results, define patterns that occupy at at least 1/8 of the screen. If the image processing rate falls below 10 fps, you may need to upgrade to a more powerful device.
  • POI - Long-press on the map to choose any location as a POI. If a POI has been defined, it will take precedence over any Airspace subjects. To remove the POI, tap on the map marker twice.
  • Airspace - Connect to an Airspace and then select one or more subjects from the Airspace targets menu.

1.4 Airspace

Autoframe uses the same powerful networking feature from Autopilot called Airspace. Airspace allows multiple devices to share telemetry in real-time, including both location and altitude information. If a device is connected to an aircraft, it will also share the aircraft telemetry with the other devices in the Airspace.

If you have friends that want to participate in your Airspace at no cost, they can download the free Airspace companion app.

Autoframe currently only supports Network Airspaces because the connection to the Osmo's wifi network interferes with the Peer-to-Peer Airspace type. Network Airspaces use infrastructure wifi and cellular data to enable communication, which means the connection distance is unlimited, but the connection latency maybe be higher, depending on the quality of the network connection. There is no limit to the number of devices in a Network Airspace.

Entering a Network Airspace
  • If this is the first device:
    • Tap Enter Airspace in the toolbar
    • Choose Network as the Airspace Type
    • Choose Create New to create a new Airspace
    • Once the Airspace is created, Choose Continue on the next dialog to invite other devices
  • If this is not the first device, there are two options:
    • Option 1:
      • Wait for an invitation from one of the devices that is already connected
      • When you receive the invitation, tap the link to automatically connect to the Airspace
    • Option 2:
      • Tap the Airspace option from the main screen to open the Airspace Manager
      • Tap Enter Airspace in the toolbar
      • Choose Network as the Airspace Type
      • Choose Join Existing to join an existing Airspace
      • Enter the Airspace ID and tap Continue
  • If new devices are ready to connect after the initial setup, tap Send Invitation to send more invitations

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